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Cloud Management

Altscale's cloud uses OpenStack ( for is cloud management system. OpenStack is the most widely used Open Source cloud software stack, which is employed by some of the largest public cloud providers, such as RackSpace and Dreamhost. OpenStack is also used in numerous private cloud environments, such as the ones deployed by PayPal, Bloomberg, Cisco, and Comcast ( 

Altscale has implemented OpenStack's networking using OpenvSwitch ( This implementation allows each customer to create one or more private virtual networks and routers for connecting their cloud servers. Private networks facilitate network isolation and enhance security and protection of each customer's cloud infrastructure.

Customers can provision on-demand cloud block and object storage. Block storage can be added dynamically to existing cloud servers to increase their internal disk. Object storage can be accessed using its programmable API or through the dashboard for uploading and downloading files. 

Customers can assign public IP addresses to their instances for enabling public access to their cloud servers. IP addresses can be dynamically assigned to different cloud servers depending on the application requirements. Customers can deploy load-balancing approaches for distributing the load among multiple cloud servers.

OpenStack provides a programmable API for managing the cloud resources as well as a GUI dashboard. Customers can use both approaches for resource management or choose the one that suites better their needs.

Cloud Storage

Altscale uses Ceph ( as its consolidated storage platform. Ceph provides block, file, and object data access interfaces. Ceph is an Open Source software defined storage system that is being deployed in the datacenters of the largest service providers and Enterprises across the world.

Ceph provides automated load balancing and failover for maximum storage performance and availability. Ceph replicates data across servers, thus further improving the overall services availability. Ceph uses a distributed mechanism for data re-replication in case of a disk or node failure, which ensures timely data recovery and improved SLA in case of hardware failure.

Altscale uses Ceph for storing the cloud server images. This allows live migration of the cloud server instances in case of server failure. The cloud object service is also layered on top of Ceph.