Cloud Backup

AltScale offers storage space for our clients that is available on demand and it has unlimited capacity – the transfer speed is limited.

AltScale offers a secure backup service for its customers using Windows and Linux platforms. We protect the backups using the most advanced storage technologies, which improve both data durability and availability. Customers can access their cloud backups at any time from anywhere in the world. We support a number of open source backup clients. Customers pay per GB storage consumed on monthly basis.

The upload network bandwidth is free.

For GNU/Linux we recommend Duplicity as a backup tool with our object storage as a backend.- installation instructions are (here)

 For Windows we recommend Cyberduck as a client to our object storage services.- installation instructions are (here)


Cloud Backup services Pricing

Service Plan



Cloud Backup

Secure backup of customer data into the cloud.

$0.10 per GB per month