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Cloud Advantages



AltScale Cloud


Dedicated Server


Cloud server data is stored on fully redundant distributed storage that is able to store hundreds of Terabytes of data. Cloud servers can access their storage from any physical server, which improves availability of customer applications. Server containers are stored on RAID array on the same server machine. Thus, resources are limited to the resources and the stability of the server platform itself. Most dedicated servers are equipped with 1 or 2 hard drives. In hardware this problem can be fatal to the content located thereon. Additional duplication of certain facilities is subject to additional fees.

Security and reliability in data storage

Our storage infrastructure is designed with no single point of failure. Even in the face of a disk or network failure, your cloud servers, blocks or objects will remain fully functional without experiencing any downtime. Using RAID10 is the fastest and protected RAID storage, however the information is stored centrally, thus it remains locked in the event of a problem until it stabilizes main server. The content can be permanently lost If you have not previously created disk array for duplicate content. This will cause a long period of downtime for your instance.

Scalability / Flexibility

Elasticity of cloud infrastructure allows customers to easily and quickly scale their resources. All changes are made in real-time from a web based graphical control panel that allows customers to manage every aspect of their infrastructure. Customers are not expected to to have any technical expertise for using the control panel. Use pre-configured packages for different VPS plans with CPU, RAM quotas and disk space. In many cases the consumer pays for packages with no real need for and can't benefit from them. Usually pay on monthly bases and can't scale up or down during the month. It is pre-configured software and can only be updated after the server is stopped (usually for longer period). Renovation of the parameters (upgrade) is not always possible immediately and can't always meet the needs of computing power. In many cases the upgrade requires relocating to a new physical server.

100% Availability (High Availability / Uptime)

AltScale's hardware, software, and network infrastructure is designed with the objective of achieving maximum availability. We use scale-out architecture for the storage and compute services. Failure of disks, network controllers, switches, or whole servers do not impact availability of customers' cloud resources. In addition, Altscale operates two independent cloud locations, which allows customers to deploy highly available applications that are able to sustain datacenter-wide failures. Main server is secured only by hard disk arrays (RAID10). In case of physical failure it will take some time for a replacement in which the client server will not work. Very few of the dedicated servers can include redundancy (duplication ). Any suspension of the network, power or small hardware, software problems on the server itself can cost long service downtime, unless you've got the additional duplication of all components.


Cloud IaaS offers a number of cost advantages. Clients can dynamically determine what resources they need at any point of time and appropriately adjust their cloud infrastructure usage, thus eliminating the expenses for unused resources. You pay only what you use. It takes only several seconds to start or resume a cloud server. The prices are calculated on an hourly basis. The service does not offer flexible pricing. When choosing higher VPS service parameters is considerably more expensive, because of  the additional resources that are not used by the user. VPS are charged on a monly basis. Dedicated physical servers have a high qcuisition price. Server components are usually higher cost than consumer workstations as they require higher degree disks, ECC memory and processors with more cache. Ability to upgrade the components such memory, disks, and processors is expensive and sometimes impossible. Server maintenance can cause down time.